Teamwork Makes The Difference

Teamwork is the key to GS Brothers' way of doing business. Your property is assigned a Supervisor who serves as your personal liaison. He works proactively giving you detailed monthly reports and keeping you informed of current and future landscape issues. He selects several specialized crews for your property, each one comprised of experts in their particular field. Each of these crews is lead by a Foreman who aggressively directs daily activities demanding efficiency and striving for perfection. And for your peace of mind, all of our on-site personnel are uniformed, bonded, and fully insured.

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Lawncare is more than just mowing and edging. With GS Brothers, it includes proactive care as well, such as timely fertilizing, weed control, re-seeding and top-dressing. When your lawn is properly maintained, it looks better and lasts longer - saving you money in lawn replacement costs.

Groundcover and Shrubs
frame lawn areas and enhance your property's appearance. GS Brothers carefully prunes shrubs to maintain the plant's natural form and shape, protecting the plants' health and longevity. Ground covers are trimmed neatly away from shrubs, trees, walkways, and walls. Weeds are aggressively controlled reducing the opportunity for pollination and continued spreading.

Our Street & Parking Lot Cleaning Truck quietly sweeps large areas reducing the noise pollution associated with leaf blowers.

Debris Control is a prime concern of your GS Brothers crew. Lawns, planting beds, and walkways are left clean and clear of debris. Clippings are removed from the premises, processed in GS Brothers' own Green Waste Recycling Center and used to beautify parks and highways.

Pest Control is performed to safe standards by our licensed technicians using specialized clothing, vehicles and equipment. Plants are regularly inspected for the first signs of pests, and action is taken quickly before unsightly problems appear. Early detection helps reduce the risk of pests spreading onto nearby plants. And the most environmentally safe chemicals are always selected for each situation.

Concrete and Masonry Repairs
are services we provide on a needed basis. Are cracks and/or uneven surface areas in walkways creating hazards and potential liability? We have the expertise, equipment and know-how to make repairs as needed. With in-house backhoes, grading and compacting equipment, there's no need to work with unfamiliar sub-contractors. We'll handle everything from start to finish and estimates are available upon request.

24-Hour Emergency Service
- if you need us, we'll be there. We know that landscape related problems can spring up at any time. Just page us, and we'll assign the appropriate specialist to investigate and fix the problem as quickly as possible.

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