Plants Dramatically Impact Overall Value.

It has been proven time and time again, landscaping is the most cost effective way to increase the value of a property when compared to other visual improvements, including painting and roofing. That's why GS Brothers always selects plants that have maximum visual impact and dynamic curb appeal. Our landscape design team will select the perfect color scheme to complement your location. They know what works and what doesn't. And they know how to give you the most impact for your budget using plants that remain abundantly healthy for long periods of time.

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Complete Landscape Design and Upgrades are our specialty. We have the tools and skills to design or renovate your landscape from the ground up. Our unique combination of expertise and creativity are what make the difference between a landscape that is average or stunning. Soil is carefully prepared using the highest quality compost, time-release fertilizers, pre-plant fungicides, and snail baits. Plant choice is expertly based upon location, soil, surrounding, landscape, climate, irrigation systems, and customer preference. As with all GS Brothers services, design and upgrades are performed with a long-term relationship in mind.

Flower Beds are often the most noticed plantings in a landscape. The healthiest flowering plants are carefully selected to assure you of the maximum blooming and long-lasting color. Both the flower and the plants overall appearance are taken into consideration to insure that the "character" of the flower bed achieves the desired result.

Pruning and Maintenance
is ongoing. Your crew will work hard to tend and nourish plants keeping them healthy thereby reducing the need for costly replacement. Flowers are supplemented as needed. Spent flowers are removed so that the flower beds maintain a healthy vibrant appearance. Pest susceptible plants are carefully monitored to help curb major infestations. Weeds are controlled using quality pre-emergence weed killers which prohibit the germination of weed seeds.

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